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Plan Your Next Tournament Performance Food in 5 Simple Steps!


Comme vous le savez peut-être, je suis le traiteur des Carabins de l'Université de Montréal en hockey féminin depuis maintenant 5 ans. Comme ancienne Carabins, j'ai voulu redonner un peu à cette organisation qui a changé plusieurs choses dans ma vie, en plus d'aider les filles de l'édition actuelle à mieux s'alimenter. Pour être certaine de leur servir des repas sains et qui répondent à leurs besoins d'athlète, j'ai approché une pro de la nutrition sportive, Pearle Nerenberg. Elle a depuis lancé son entreprise, Eat This For Performance, pour aider les jeunes et les moins jeunes à approcher la nutrition sportive facilement avec des outils simples à utiliser. Allez jeter un oeil à sa 4p Food list! Je collaborerai également avec elle pour l'élaboration de recettes veganes sportives qui se retrouveront dans un autre de ses projets à venir, Ralia Retreats. Donc voici un des thèmes quelle aborde dans ces cours en ligne: comment améliorer la performance lors de tournoi en 5 étapes faciles. Elle et son équipe donnent accès à plusieurs trucs gratuitement! ;) Je leur laisse la parole dans cet article. Issue de la communauté anglophone de Montréal, ce texte sera en anglais par simplicité de communication. Bonne lecture et bon tournoi!

Plan Your Next Tournament Performance Food in 5 Simple Steps!

Tournaments are some of the best memories I have as an athlete (whether we won or lost!). They are a place for you to grow as a team or individual, and not to mention they are typically pretty fun! Tournaments bring together athletes, parents, coaches and team supporters from far and wide, who all want to support the athletes to achieve a top performance (and maybe even win the tournament)!

Most sports have tournaments, and in each sport tournaments are set up VERY differently. Some sports compete multiple times in a day, where some compete once a day or every couple of days.

Whether your games are close together or more spread out, you want to show up ready to compete, achieve a superior performance and recover after competition to prepare for the next competition!

However, many face challenges at tournaments such as restaurant food selections (hello fast food!), heavy tournament schedules (4 games in one day….) and restrictive team budgets ($7 per meal anyone?) that are a barrier to having a top performance.

Often athletes dehydrate quickly in tournaments due to the demanding schedule, don’t recover between competitions and end up eating too close to competition leaving them feeling not so great (ugh). If you’ve been following along with the ET4P movement, you know that none of these things are setting you up for a top performance.

We are here to tell you that a top performance at a tournament on a budget is possible with a little planning!

If you plan, eat around the 4 key moments to eat around sport, eat foods that are designed for performance you can achieve a top performance all tournament long and win that trophy or banner we all want (wooooooo).


1. Plan to eat on time!

- Write down your game times and then write in when you will eat around them.

2. Make a powerful grocery list

- Decide what food you will purchase and cook ahead of time.

*Tip: Some foods such as dried fruit, nuts, tetra packed milk all travel well without needing a cooler. However if you plan to pack more perishable foods, such as one of our performance meals designed by Racines Traiteur Santé you’ll need to be thinking about how you will store and travel with that food.

3. Name your food support roster

- Source what grocery stores are close to the sports center or hotel, and what you will get at the grocery store.

- Decide whether you will source a caterer or be eating in restaurants.

*Tip: If you go with a caterer or restaurant, you need to determine a menu with them in your next step!

4. Cook for the winnnnn!!!!

- Determine when you will shop for the groceries and when you will cook.

- Contact the caterers and restaurants to discuss the menu they can provide.

- Call the hotel and ask what tools are available for you.

*Tip: If you are using restaurants and caterers, you want to make sure you are getting performance meals and snacks that are designed for a top performance. ET4P has designed recipes that are 4P approved for performance, which Racines Traiteur Santé can refer to (win win) so be sure to check those out AND Racines Traiteur Santé has already taken the next step and designed a 4P approved recipe.


(click here for the recipe)

5. Pack like a champion! (The last step, but oh soooo important)

- If you don’t pack the food right, you could end up with sick athletes, definitely not setting you up for a successful tournament.

- There are tools that can help you keep performance foods at the right temperature. Here are a few things you may want to pack or have on hand: Cooler and ice packs to store food, slow-cooker to reheat meals you’ve prepared ahead of time, blender to make a quick recovery drink and an emergency food kit in case you’re in a pinch between games, stuck in traffic or restaurant/catering plans fall through.

There you have it, 5 simple steps to set you up for tournament success. Now it’s time to implement that plan and win the tournament!

If you don’t follow and stick to your tournament plan, you could eat too close to competition, eat foods that are difficult to digest, your muscles might not have the energy they need and you could become dehydrated. All of these can hold you back from winning the tournament!

Show up ready to play and have an AMAZING HIGH PERFORMING tournament.

Your turn!

How are you planning for your next tournament?

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